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Kite Manufacturers & Kite Stores United States/Canada
Banshee Kite Co - Valley Center, CA
Big City Kites - New York, NY
Circle D Kites
Clearwater Kite Company - Clearwater Beach, Florida
Cobra Kites Web Site
Cutting Edge Kites - Ocean Shores, WA
Delierious Delusion Custom Kites
Dodd's Kite Company - DJS Kites - Dodd Gross
Fly Away Kites - Belmar NJ, USA
Gomberg Kite Productions Intl
Gone With The Wind Online kite store in California.Great Site
Hang-em-High - Kite building supplies.
Kinetic Kites - OklahomaGreat Site
The Kite Connection - California.
The Kite Koop - Chincoteague Island, VA
The Kite Loft - Ocean City, MD
Kite Studio - kite making supplies, PA
Kite Trade Association - Oregon
Kites Up and Away - Annapolis, MD - my local kite storeGreat Site What he doesn't have in stock, he can get the next day.
Kitty Hawk Kites - Hang Gliding School, Outer Banks, NC
Lone Star Kites - Pflugerville, TX
Mainframe Kite Shop - Tacoma, WA Your online source for kites
Once Upon A Breeze - oldest kite shop on the Oregon Coast
Oregon Kite Company
PBSK - Peter Betancourt Sport Kites
Pizazz Kites
Prism Designs Inc Seattle, WA.Great Site
Revolution Web Site.
Seattle AirGear - WindDance dual-line parafoils.
Sky Delight Kites - Joel Scholz kites - Kite sailboat development, dual-line control innovation
Susquehanna Kite Co - Wrightsville, PA
Tail Spin Kites - online kite store in Canada
TC Ultra manufacturer of the ultimate sport kite.
Vent En Fete - Quebec, Canada
Windchasers Kites - South Padre Island, Texas.
WindDance dual-line parafoil stunt kites.
WindPower Sports, Inc - was BFK Sports - Las Vegas
Wind Wizard -
Wind Wizards - on line kite store
Yikes Kites - Hyde Park, NY

Kite Manufacturers & Kite Stores UK
Airborn kites - Brighton, UK
Air-Crafts Sports Kites - Northants, UK
Anti-Gravity - York, UK
Benson Kites - Bradford UK
Coastguard Kites - Hastings, E Sussex
Concept Air - Canada
Extreme Academy - Power Kite School, Cornwall
Flexifoil InternationalGreat Site
Greens Kites - online store and catalogue
Highwaymen - UK based dealer
Hooked On Kites - online store Hastings, East Sussex
HQ - Invento Online
Kites and More - Lincolnshire, UK  - specialising in Nasa Wings
Kites N Stuff - Aberdeen, Scotland
Kite Shop - Southampton, UK
Kitestore in Bristol.
Kosmic Kites Surrey, UK
Kreative Kites based in Newbury.
Matheson, Chris - British kitemaker
Mission Adventuresport - Devon based
Mullin Kites - Bucks, UK
Natural Heights - organisers of kite flying holidays
Scruffs - Kites
Sky Kites - The Predator Traction Kite
Spirit of Air based in Wales.
Traction Kites UK - based in Hants
TradeWind Kites - based in Reading, Berks - this is my usual kite supplier.Great Site
Trick of the Eye Kites - online kite store from "VAT free" Guernsey
Wind Designs - UK distributors of Peter Lynn & Quadrifoil.

Kite Manufacturers & Kite Stores Rest of the World
Advance - Paragliders and Power KitesGreat Site

Eolo-Gayla Industries SA -
Exel - carbon tubes
Fly High - Belgium
Hold the Lines - Australia
Kites Galore & More - South Africa
KiteSki® Australia.
Peter Lynn - Peter Lynn Kites - New Zealand
Vlieger Op - Netherlands
Wipika - Australia


Power Kiting Sites
Al's Likkle World - kite jumping, kite mountain boarding and kite surfing
- Keith Stewart - originator of kite towed systems
- Laurent Ness
BBC - The British Buggy Club Great Site
Buggy on the Web - French site Great Site
Buggies Boats and Peels - Peter Lynn Great Site
Craigs' Power Kiting Page - South Africa
Dave Lord's - Kites, Kite Buggy & Land Yacht page Great Site
Frans Nijhuis - Kite and Buggy home pageGreat Site
High AR - Gene Matocha's web page, plans for QR BuggyGreat Site
Jump By Net - French power kiting site
KiteBuggy discussion groupGreat Site
Kite Paradise - International Buggy Location Database Great Site
Kite Ski - Rolf Østergaard's Great Site
Kite Ski & Surf - Ians Young's page - AustraliaGreat Site - check out the animation Great Site
Kite Sufing School - non commercial kite surfing tutorial.
KiteSurf discussion group
Power Kites/Buggying at Camber Sands
Power Kiting - Chigga and Chas Style - Kite Jumping site
X-Zone Flying buggying and surfing for those of a  radical persuasion!!
Sand Storm - adrenaline sport site
Shutterman Dan -
dedicated to kite related imagery, with extreme images and video clips of power kiting
SpeedSailing - Dave Culp
Steve Shapsons' Kiteski site - including kiteski nekked photos
The Power Kite Site - over 150 reviews of kites, buggies etc
Traction a Vent - French Power Kiting Association
Wipika - Australia
Y2K - some great kite surfing videos


Other Kite Web Sites
Airpressure - great Shockwave flash site
Andy Wardley's - web page - handy for bridling info.Great Site
Art and Flywork - Peter de Jong - Enhanced NasaWing PlansGreat Site
Big Wind Kite Factory How to make a kite in 20 minutes.
Forum for kite flyers (web based)
Great Lakes - Kitefliers Society, Buffalo, NY
Kites.Org is. a collection of sites relative to kiting. Great Site
Kites Classified Ads for selling used kites and accessories.Great Site
Kite Fantastic - UK
Kitefishing International - Roger Maddy's 12 line puppet kites
KiteFlyers Org
KiteFlying In Ireland - based in Co. Limerick, Ireland.
KiteIreland - Kiting in Ireland
Kiting Paradise - International Buggy Location Database
Kitelinks - the best kite links on the web
KiteSite Ver 1.01 - John Mac - Power Kiter from Brighton, UK
International Competition Rulebook - STACK UK
Just Fly It - Mike Coons website - some great photos
Kracht 4 - pictures and plans
Mikes Kite Site - an excellent resource on the web
Mortal Coil - me mate Simon's site
Peter Peters Kite Site the ultimate kite siteGreat Site with the complete list of stunt kite tricks
Plans - a good comprehensive list of kite plans
Ray Bethell - Flies multiple kites at one time
REVisions - Quad Line Kite mailing list
Ron Reich - author of Kite Precision... select rec.kites posts
Roy Reed's - Stack Figure AnimationsGreat Site
Simo Salanne's home page -
US Kite Flying Laws -  US laws.
Top Of The Line - Flight School Manual.
UK Kites by Andy Tate.
Wind Song - South Africa

Kite Teams & Clubs
Adelaide Kite Flyers Assoc - Australia
Aerial Acoustics - Dennis Smith & Dorothy Wagner's acoustic jazz
Art of Air - UK
Austin End of the Line - USA
BBC The British Buggy ClubGreat Site
Bay Area Sundowners - Kite Team, USA
Bay Area Sport Kite League - CA, USA
Brighton Kite Flyers - Brighton, E Sussex, UK
Bumper Kites - USA
Captain Eddies Flying Circus - USA
Cloud Nine - Germany - with instructions for the Matrix active bridle.
Crosslines - UK
Connectikiters Kite Club
The Decorators - UK Quadline
Harlequin - UK
KiteAstrophy - Maryland, USA
Japan Kite Association
Kite Club of Scotland
Kite-O-holix - Austria
The Kite Society of Great Britain
Lehigh Valley Kite Society - located in Eastern PA, USA - founded in '91.
Maryland Kite Society - the oldest kite club in the USGreat Site
Midland Kite Flyers of Great Britain
Poole Kite Flyers Club Info & list of UK flying sites.
The Parakart Assoc The Home of Class 8 Land Yachting in the UK
Positive Lift -Australia
Punchline - UK
Red Barons - Luxembourg
STACK UK Internet Site.
Sky Dance - UK
Sky Devils - UK
Toronto Kite Flyers - Canada
Wind Climbers - Kite Club, Canada
Wings Over Washington - Washington DC
X-Dream Kite Team -

Kite Magazines & Newsgroups
Kite Passion Magazine European Kite Mag - out of print
Kite Life The Internet Magazine for Kiters. Great Site
Kite Police Chat - web based chat room - just click to enter
Kitetime The European Magazine on International Kiting, Sport, Art and Tourism. 64 pages in Italian and English
rec.kites newsgroup - see below to search rec.kites.
rec.skiing.snowboarding Snowboarding newsgroup.
rec.windsurfing Windsurfing newsgroup.
SkySailor Magazine
alt.surfing Surfing newsgroup.

Kite Software and Technical Info
42nd Brighton Scout Group Animated Knots for Scouts.Great Site
KiteFlight Home Page
Kites & Software.
Rec.Kites FAQ - Reviews on various kites and equipment
Ropers Knots Page - comprehensive listing of all knots

Weather Web Sites
Weather Consultancy Services - weather for recreation needs.
BBC Weather Centre.
Yahoo Weather accurate weather - just enter your city.Great Site
Wetsocks - from Locutus Codeware... automatic weather on your pc.Great Site


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