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Team KiteAstrophy
( or why we needed some pointers
from ex AirKraft member Carl Robertshaw! )


Aaah, now that doesn't look too bad!


We decided that we'd like to get into some Team Flying just for fun. We figured we could never be good enough for serious competition as we often make such a muck up of it, so we've decided to call ourselves KiteAstrophy.


See why we need some lessons?

Click on the thumbnails for the larger image.

jam2_small.jpg (1175 bytes)

jam3.jpg (205485 bytes)

There's nothing more beautiful than   seeing the sun shine on the Matrix. It takes my breath away every time I see it.

jam5.jpg (182687 bytes)

Angel fish??


It's amazing how in the distance the Matrices look like Angel fish swimming in the sky

more fish?

Dont you think?? OK, so maybe I'm just mad


Yea, we're bad, we're cool!

This is us, Jo (on the left) and Anne Marie armed with our Flexifoil Matrices


Unfortunately trying to learn on your own is hard, so we had a couple hours lesson from Carl Robertshaw. The winds that day were gusting to nearly 20mph (felt more like 30 to me) and the next day, we were in such agony, our arms, shoulders, legs, back. You name it... I should hire this guy as a personal trainer.

Kite Lesson
with Carl Robertshaw

These photos were taken at Blackheath in London, in July 1998.

The day was absolutely dismal, but we learned so much from Carl. Can't wait to do it again.

with Carl Robertshaw
So when you the kite tips back like this then..
That's it... pop now!
Carl & Jo
Eerragh! I feel like there's a whale on the end of the line
lesson7.jpg (218615 bytes)
OK, now some pairs work...
Jo and Carl Eeeow that wind is strong
Keep a straight line.. yea right!
My first circle wrap
Fire Drill
Fire drill... kites straight to the top
AM and Carl
Notice the Evolver banner
in the background
lesson4.jpg (234929 bytes)
AM and Carl doing their circle
Radio Controlled
It's a bird, it's a kite, oh no
it's a model plane
tim2.jpg (200856 bytes)
Tim, my bro, the third
member of the team


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